Aug 9, 2008

New Scrapblock and 3 New Designers at CHF!!!

Well - exciting news. CHF just welcomed 3 new designers to the team: Carole Burrage, Jennifer Roach & Joanne Allison. Welcome ladies!!!

And I might have to say that this new "Aged Sheet Music" 6x6 Scrapblock (TM) is my favorite!! The Scrapblocks are a new size of stamp to hit the market and are manufactured by none other than Cornish Heritage Farms. Ingenious! I love making 6x6 cards, so this is an ideal and useful backgrounder for me.

Have a great weekend - today is a beautiful day here in Burlington!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Leslie. Just to let you know, I'm so excited to find cornish heritage products at forever scrapbooks. I never realized you lived in Ontario. Greetings from Nellie in beautiful Beamsville.