Feb 28, 2009

More Elvis Hits the Shelf!

Over at Cornish Heritage Farms, two new Elvis stamps were released on Thursday! Elvis on One Knee and the "Elvis Is" logo. The silhouette image is great for shadowing and kissing technique as it has so much white space. I combined both cards with Distressed Grid 6x6 Scrapblock (TM) stamp. I speak so highly of these 6x6 stamps because they are SO big and have so many uses on so many projects.

You can click on the images for a complete supply list over at my CHF gallery. Thanks for stopping by! Off to teach a class at Forever Scrapbooks in Burlington!

Question of the day: What lesson or new tidbit of information did you learn today?

My day has just begun, but I will make a point to observe something new. I am going to so many places today that surely I will learn something new.

Many blessings....


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Tracey said...

Fantastic cards Lesley! Have fun at your class! xx