May 13, 2009

Making Some Vintage Style Jewelry

Here is a little bit of what I've been up to. I went on a bead kick a while back and I had the urge to pull out the tools and "fix" a necklace I had made before and wasn't happy with. It is so EASY to make your own jewelry! It always looked so hard, but it's really not. Some of the stuff I've made I would not wear, but I would actually wear this one.

Beads and Chain: Blue Moon Beads


Tracey said...

Oh my, this is just gorgeous Lesley! I love it!

Susan said...

Major ditto on the bead making ease. I got started with all those lovely stick pins in cards and then earrings and then bookmarks (like hooks) with beads and charms and saint medals on them. My dining room table is now COVERED in bookmarks for teacher gifts this week. So FUN and so creative - my girls did all the bead selections. Great photo layout you have here as well.

heather said...

beautiful work! beading is pretty great! I love the brushed silver look