Feb 24, 2008

A card to share and some winter pics!

Here is a card I made today using Kim Hughes Supah Star! stamp set by Cornish Heritage Farms. How fun are these stamps! I picked up the "record disk" die cuts at Forever Scrapbooks while I was teaching my class. Who can resist 50% off! Here are 2 pics of us at the Christmas Tree Farm back in December. It was quite cold that day and Mark just had to find the perfect tree! Most people came to the farm and took a tree that was close to the parking lot, but not my husband. He went on a mission. Grandma and Aunt Jeannette turned back and went to the warmth of the coffee shop. We carried on and here is what we did to pass time. Uncle John played with the kids, and Mark and Grandpa cut down the tree. Below is a nice shot of cold-nosed grandpa and Sophie.


Heather said...

loving all your work, and great pictures! hope you're doing great- congrats!

Heidi said...

Such a cute card! I love the guitar stamp and the little records on the side!

Cathy said...

Love those darling photos. I need some beautiful kids!!!!!! Where can I get some?

I love your card. You never stop amazing me with your talent!!