Jun 11, 2009

Lisa's Scrap Shack Challenge #2

Good morning folks!

Lisa from Lisa's Scrap Shack handed us girls on the design team a new challenge and here it is!

Challenge 2 : Its all in the color: Create a Monochromatic project.
Seems like an easy project, but this one was so hard for me! I found it very hard to stick to one colour scheme. You may notice I cheated a tiny little bit by adding some patterned paper that has a dab of pink in it. Forgive me - I couldn't help myself.

Supplies from Lisa's:

Flowers: Petaloo Box Blends - Blue and Teal (green flowers)

Paper: We R Memory Keepers - Tiffany's

Paper: Prima (Mommy & Me)

Paper: Fancy Pants (Whimsy)

Rub-ons: We R Memory Keepers - Rub On’s - Tiffany’s Color


Anonymous said...

I am sooo lucky to have you Lesley...what a wonderful job!

Jamie Harder said...

Fabulous layout Lesley!! LOVE the green:-)

Tracey said...

This is fabulous Lesley! Love the colours in this!

Marjorie said...

Beautiful layout!! I love all the green! I've left you an award on my blog. Come on by if you want to play!

Anonymous said...

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