Jul 10, 2008

Thursday Rummage Bin Nights: Week #2 The Great Canadian

This week, I am digging into "The Great Canadian" stamp set. I am a Canadian and I love my country very much. When I think of Canada, I think of four glourious seasons, the ability to travel and escape (plenty of vacation destinations), moose, hockey, vast rural areas and farm land, and people who love their coffee. Dare I mention our beloved Tim Hortons on every second street corner?
I could have put some more characteristics of being Canadian, but wanted to keep this set light and fun. I'm sure there will be people who may question just how "Canadian" this set is, but remember, this is just my interpretation. The eh? stamp is in there, because I had a little extra room, and like it or not (at least in Ontario), it's something we say! We don't even know it! Whenever I am abroad, people know right away that I am Canadian, and I will ask, "how did you know?", and of course their response is "eh?".
Here is my layout that I created just for this Thursday night! I got out my Spellbinders Nestabilties and went crazy with the circles, layering, and stamping. I tried to use as many stamps from the set as possible. My in-laws have a cottage, so of course I pulled a picture from "cottage country". I also pulled out a picture of our beautiful sunsets on one of our many lakes. I have seen 3 moose in my life, and they are HUGE! Really, a beautiful creature, but you never want to get too close, you won't win.
I was able to pull pictures from Winter, Summer, and Fall, sorry Spring, next time! Well, I hope you like what I created, this was a fun project to remind me of all the blessings I have right at my fingertips. Born and raised Canadian. Thanks for stopping by!


Silvergirl said...

I love your Canadian pride, as much as I adore you!

Fantastic images and I love learning about the heart and soul of your collection.


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Mona Lisa said...

Lesley, I just lOVE this layout!