Jul 22, 2008

A Truly Relaxing Getaway!

I actually relaxed. I spent the days reading, which I hardly ever do! I swam with the kids, napped, and did only a tiny bit of scrapbooking. I did not really have a huge desire to pull out all my stuff while I was away and I think I needed this break. I just wanted to share with you some pictures from my vacation. We rented a cottage just outside of a little town called Haliburton. It's about 2 hours north of Toronto.

I want to go back...and the best part - satellite TV! We didn't miss any shows, like last year I remember missing the season finale of Hell's Kitchen.

Bye for now, tomorrow morning, I will share a layout and sketch.

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Wendy aka wendella247 said...

This is my first time viewing your blog. Love it! Your photos of you vacation are so awesome. That's my idea of a perfect vacation. I would love to be there right now. I could even do without the satellite TV! Just peace and tranquility and as few modern day do-dads as possible. (OK, I have Tivo at home, so we wouldn't miss any shows either!)