Feb 13, 2011

Spellbinders Grand Calibur and Shimmerz EQUALS Flowers!

I am so very very happy that I now have the Spellbinders Grand Calibur!  Since it cuts 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper, it can cut all the layers for one flower at a time.   I have 2 sets of nested circle dies from Spellbinders, so I just run them through together, with one sheet of paper (this is a great way to use up paper too).  Here is a picture of all the flowers I made in a sitting (I sprayed them all with my NEW Shimmerz products - see below).  I cut one of them out of FABRIC too!

Here is a picture of my new tool, the Grand Calibur.

And I couldn't resist showing you these beautiful new sprays that came to my door on Friday, courtesy of SHIMMERZ!  This is a collection of ALL of their new sprays!  The bold colors have NO shimmer, just color, and the subtle ones are all SHIMMER (metals) and NO color.

Here is a picture of all the dies I could fit onto the BASE PLATE.

Here it is going through the machine, which is SO SMOOTH.  Whatever mechanism they put inside, it is incredibly well built, sturdy, STICKS to the table with a secure suction, and is a smooth run through.

Here are all the circles that I cut.  To get them all crinkled, I spritzed them first with BRONZED BOMBSHELL Shimmeringz and the Pink Stiletto COLORINGZ.  For some reason, doing this makes the paper RIGID when it dries.

Once the paper is completely saturated, take them in your hand and crinkle them all up.  Leave for about 3 minutes, then unravel and let them dry.  Do not flatten them out, just unravel.

Layer them and glue them all together, and there you have a QUICK die cut flower!  Buttons, beads, brads, etc. can be your center.

Now didn't that look easy!  In person, the green one and pink one look like leather.  It's so weird.  It must be the SHIMMERINGZ.

Have a wonderful SUNDAY!


Tracey said...

Gorgeous flowers Lesley!!

Janet Z said...

Very pretty Lesley!

Tina McDonald said...

Adorable girl!!

Stac said...

What super fun flowers. You are just the girl to create a whole garden. :)