Jul 8, 2010

LIFE Changing....and Pictures of My Baby

I have joined up for a contest at Scrap-Tastic for their Beauty Pageant that lasts throughout the summer.  I just can't help myself, I love jumping into challenges!  Some of my best work comes from being challenged.  Here is my first layout for Round #1 to use a 3 color combination of Magenta, Chartreuse, and Slate.

And here are some WONDERFUL pictures that my sister took tonight of my 3rd baby, Will.  She was babysitting, and she couldn't resist trying out her new backdrops of William.  They're pretty awesome, and I know she will do fantastic things with them!  My sister is a photographer and has an AMAZING blog with tons of pictures...visit her if you have a moment.  You will be impressed!  I promise!  She took that pregnancy shot of me 8 years ago!

Going to get some shut eye.....


Mellisa said...

beautiful layout. I always love your work And your lil one ... adorable!!!

Cindy Gay said...

Your sister is a great photographer but your layout is the best!