Oct 4, 2010

Something for My Boy

A couple months ago, I made a canvas for my daughter.  At the time, my older son was there wondering, where is my piece of art?  I asked if he wanted me to make him one, and he said, ABSOLUTELY!  So then I wondered, "what the heck am I going to do for a boy?".   I finally got around to making him his own piece of art for beside his bed and here it is.  A messy piece of boy art!


On this canvas, I used Mod Podge to adhere fabric that I stamped on.  I used a mixture of cream acrylic paint, glaze paint, ink, and shimmering mists for the background. 

And the BEST news is....HE LOVES IT!

Thanks for stopping by.


Dara Lynn said...

I absolutely love the the mediums used on this canvas piece! It turned out perfect!!!!!

Julie Campbell said...

VERY cool! :)

Cindy Gay said...

I bet he does love it!