Jan 4, 2011

The Doctor - Dr. Who! Altered T-Shirt

Thanks to a lazy EBAY seller, my husband now has ART!

So the story begins with my husband's love and appreciation for Dr. Who, the BBC show that airs here in Canada too.  For Christmas, I went a little overboard and got him a Dr. Who magazine, episode guide, glossary of everything Dr. Who, and a T-shirt.  This is where I get MAD!

So, I found this great T-shirt on EBAY, and ordered it, no problem.  I contacted the seller to get the reduced shipping for combined purchases, and he was hard to get a hold of!  So finally, I just ended up over paying for shipping, hoping the guy would refund me, which he did.  Then I got the notice that he shipped it.  GREAT!  Wait, but not so great.  I didn't tell the guy what size I needed, nor did he take 1 minute to email me to ask me what size I needed.  I figured he would send me a large and I'd live with it.

SO WHAT DID THE GUY SEND ME?  Great question.


Then the light bulb moment!


I have GESSO and a CANVAS, I have GLUE, I have SHIMMERZ, I have some cool Tim Holtz metal pieces, and I have UTEE.

So I cut the t-shirt, stapled it to the back of a Dollar Store canvas and went at it.  First, GESSO paint.  I painted only where I wanted to cover the grey and add text.   I found some t-shirt transfer paper at Walmart for Ink Jet printers.  PERFECT!  I found this Dr. Who quote on-line from the trailer of the first season (new version) and ironed it right onto the t-shirt, so that it looks infused on there.  Then I  went CRAZY with Shimmerz spritz' (Eucalyptus and Licorice).  Then came the metal and coats of Ranger's multi-medium gloss to help everything stick!

As you can see from the t-shirt, the phone booth had no color, so I used acrylic paint to add color here and there.  Then I coated the tardis (phone booth) with Versamark ink and UTEE and melted 3 coats on there so the box would appear shiny.   I also colored the top light with a COPIC marker.

Here is the NOT SO ATTRACTIVE back, all stapled.  :)

So take heart people!  If you have an un-loved t-shirt, go ahead and alter it on canvas! 


Ziggyeor said...

You are awesome! I love the altered Dr. Who shirt/canvas! Your hubs is a very lucky man.

Lori Craig said...

This is amazing, Lesley! What a great idea! You are fabulous!

Rona said...

oh my goodness you really made that plain ol' t-shirt FABULOUS!!! What a great idea!!

RubyM said...

Wow You are so creative and WHO would have thought of this?

Beth M said...

This is amazing! Love the idea.

Zoe said...

WOW. I didn't even know you could do that! Amazing!

Becky Dunham said...

I am very impressed! We all love Dr. Who at our house. I would have stolen the T-shirt and worn it over leggings myself with a belt, but I love your idea too :) My son took some old vinyl albums and white paint markers and drew lots of different Dr. Who stuff on the records to sell at an art festival but no one bought them! I want to hang them all on my wall! Thanks so much for sharing this fabulous project! I'll bet your hubby was thrilled!

Mama Lisa said...

Okay, Sam wants that t-shirt in X-Large!! Opps, I guess it's a little ate! It's amazing Les, love love it! Even though it still creeps me out just thinking of the theme song...

wendyp said...

What a great idea!!! This would also be great to make something out of those kids t-shirts that they just can't seem to part with (but don't even come close to fitting anymore, LOL!)