Jan 26, 2011

I'm a Spellbinders Finalist and a New Post at Simply Renee

No #1
OK, so, I have been holding in the excitement.  Today on the Spellbinders Blog, they announced the finalists in the Spellbinders Design Team Contest.  They've narrowed it down to 22 finalists and my name was on the list!  I have a lot of dies from Spellbinders, and I swear by them!  I used my circles the most, followed by scalloped circles, then rectangles, then scalloped rectangles.

No #2
Here is a set of NOTE CARDS that I made for Simply Renee, which went live today.  Over at the Simply Renee Blog, you get to see the instructions for these cards, the cute matching folder, my review on the JUMBO Clip-it-Up, and MY NEW CRAFT ROOM VIDEO!

Bye for now!


Julie Campbell said...

Yeah, Lesley!!! Of COURSE you would be a finalist! I don't think you realize how awesome of an artist you are! I absolutely love your group of cards too. The picture itself is breathtaking!

Dawna said...

Great job!! Way to go :)

Janet Z said...

Huge congrats on being a finalist Lesley! I am not surprised.

tina werner said...

congrats lesley!

Tina McDonald said...

Love your SR post! :) Thanks for the tour of your space!
And WHOOT on the Spellbinders toot!! I am SOO hoping that we both make the cut!!!!! Good luck girlie! They would be crazy not to take you!

Anonymous said...

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