Jan 12, 2011

Who says WOMEN can't BUILD?

I can't contain it any longer.  I just put the final touches on the crown moulding yesterday and I have to show you a sneak of my new craft and scrapbook room.  This is my favorite wall!  I filled up the shelves to resemble store displays and placed items in eye sight that I should use.   I tried to color coordinate each section too.  My favorite part - that curtain rod line so I can actually display my work!  I remember seeing that Jenni Bowlin had done something similar and I thought "when I build my space, I am going to include a space for hanging my work".

This is where I used to scrap - in the main part of the basement, but I was taking up too much of a footprint in the house.  Especially because we had a room with walls (no ceiling) and it was just filled with CRAP.  So friends suggested that I build myself a awesome craft room.  Why hadn't I thought of that?  Everything you see below was make shift.  Odd tables thrown together, shelving, you name it.  Nothing matched. And it looked messy.  My new room is CLEAN and everything is meant to be, bought to match.

And best of all, I did it myself.

Drywall ceiling - check
Buy cabinets and get them home in the van - check
Rip up old carpet - check
Level and install cabinets - check
Install counter tops - check
Install laminate flooring - check
Install 3 of 6 pot lights - check
Nailing and Caulking of baseboards - check
Using a mitre saw - check

Special thanks to my hubby Mark who helped my hang the shelves and screw the drywall and for watching the kids while I was working, and to my Dad for electrical, crown moulding, baseboard, and the first taping of the drywall.

I will be back in a couple weeks with a video and more pics!  Stay tuned.


Lim said...

WOW!!!! Your room looks awesome! Congratulations with your new room!

Wendy ten Hove said...

This is gorgeous!!! It's weird to say, because we don't really know each other, but I'm proud of you! ;-) It's amazing you created all that by yourself!!! Love it!

Hugs, Wendy

sevi said...

this looks great.we women can do much more then we think.
greetz sevi

Lori Craig said...

I am speechless. You are WONDER WOMAN! Congratulations! Can't wait to see the new space! Hugs!

Dawna said...

You did a great job! I am new to blogland and was glad to find your blog,,another scrapbook enthusiast. I just put pics up on my blog of my little corner of the basement ...much smaller than your lovely space but seems to be working :) Have a great day!

Vicky Alberto said...

Are you available for hire? LOL. Actually I could have a scrappy room built by hubby (he offered) but it would have to be in the basement and I would feel so secluded from my family (and cold!, I'm always cold too.). Beautiful room, you should be proud!

Cindy Gay said...

I'd say your did a fantastic job!

Janet Z said...

You go girl! That's amazing and so are you!

Andy's mom said...

Beautiful space Les! I love it..and envy it. Perhaps I can get you to come and help with me 'raw' special place. Enjoy every moment in your beautiful space!

Nancy W said...

looks fabulous! I have my own craft studio and love it!! I find myself always tweeking it, LOL. Look forward to seeing the video!!

Debc06 said...

Lovely room
I have craft room envy. WTG.

lynn said...

oh, my, lesley--this is just awesome--way to go!! love the curtain rod display idea!

NoraAnne said...

AMAZING Lesley! I came across this last night on scrapbook.com and when I saw your name I thought "hey, I know HER!" LOL! I am constantly amazed by your scrapbooking skills and now you've blown me away with your carpentry/renovating skills! You're my hero ;) ENJOY your new room!

Angie Blom said...

WOW.. Lesley.. I just love it.. I also love the curtian rod to hang your layouts.. I am hoping I can do my room in the basement this summer.. I would love a beautiful space to create.. I spend most of my time there during the day. Can't wait to see it all in your video.. so excited for you.. it is so gorgeous.

{jennie} said...

Beautiful space. Good for you for doing it yourself!

Jennifer said...

looks great, i am one of those women as well....hands dirty and want to do it all, i can tile, grout, paint, use a miter saw, caulk, and solder... i am thinking that there maybe a bathroom reno by mid year and done by me!